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I am so glad you are taking the time to check out my site. It is truly my passion to assist others to have better health, more happiness, and abundant freedom in their lives. In order to do that we must first understand what is holding us back, learn new techniques and truths to propel us forward, and have a vehicle that can allow us to create the life we desire. Right now there may be many things that you feel are blocking you---poor health, a negative mindset, or a lack of time and financial freedom. There are dozens of things that can make our bodies and lives toxic in our world today. However, I truly believe that all of us can choose to opt out of that system and create the lives we desire and deserve. It all starts with a choice and taking action right NOW.  I know this is possible for you because I was once stuck in my life too.  Over the years I have learned many amazing truths that have transformed my health and life, and it is my mission to share them with you. I look forward to connecting with you and assisting you on your path to unlock your health, find your happiness, and discover your truth, so that you can B all you were meant to B in this life!


See what people say about Brittney
  • After only two sessions with Brittney using NLP techniques, I was able to re focus on my goals and objectives after months of struggle. Brittney is highly professional, has a very friendly manner. She is passionate and committed to helping.
    Nicholas Steele Author and Motivational Speaker
  • Brittney is simply amazing! I have known her for a few years now and she still continues to amaze me with her expansive and well rounded knowledge. Her generosity is unmatched and I've never known anyone who works harder or with more passion. Brittney has a rare gift for helping you find the root cause of your struggles while gently guiding you forward. Her work is simply in a league of it's own when I compare it to my time working with traditional therapists. My progress was instantaneous! Need I say more!!?
    Joseph Dixon- Actor
  • Brittney is your secret weapon! A person who truly approaches life and people in an authentic mindset to help, support, educate and yes..even befriend with her positive light. I am a strong believer that to shift your life in a positive way whether health, mindset, and/or lifestyle you must surround yourself with people who can help support that effort.
    Debbie R.
  • It is hard to put into words the impact that Brittney has made on my life. Not only did she introduce me to an incredible way of life, but she has educated and coached me in improving my health and nutrition. All this in such a way that has transformed my life, how I view food and what I put into my body. She is truly an amazing person and I am grateful to know her and call her a friend and mentor.
    Allyson Haim-Wellness Coach
  • I met the lovely Brittney Kara through a friend a few years ago, and I'm so thankful that I did! Our neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) session changed my life. For the first time since I could remember, I was finally in control of my eating habits. It was during our session when she introduced me to Isagenix, which has also transformed my life and body! Her energy and dedication to her work and extraordinary mentoring skills helped guide my path to a healthier and happier me. She never once pushed me to try something new, rather she poured her health and wellness knowledge into my hands, giving me the tools to make my own decisions. I love this woman, and I've already recommended her life coaching expertise to my family and friends, including mamas. I know we'll stay connected for life!
    Lauren Lloyd
  • "The first thing is that Brittney is kind and genuine. Being a personal trainer, I read up on food quite often, but when it comes to a certain type of food, food additives, or ingredients that I'm not sure about, I trust and rely on Brittney's knowledge more than anyone. "
    Anthony Ferkel Certified Personal Trainer
  • "With a solid background in biochemistry, research and human nutrition, I'm not easily impressed with most books out there today! The Silent Scandal is definitely an exception. Apart from Brittney's unstoppable passion for her subject, and deep heartfelt compassion for humanity, she provides a tremendous wealth of supporting, well-documented research to back up every tenet she addresses in this easy to read guide to optimum health. I will definitely recommend this book to all of my patients."
    Dr Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor™, founder of the Kick Cancer In The Can™
  • I first saw Britney a few years ago when I was struggling with shyness and insecurity. Working with her changed my outlook, the way I interact with people and feel about myself in social situations. I again saw Britney years later as a way to go deeper into living the life I am meant to live. She makes everything so accessible and inspiring that you really want to stay on the path. I can honestly say she changed my life and will feel forever blessed that she came into my life when she did.
    Marissa Zajack
  • It has been our pleasure to work with Brittney Kara over the past 6+ years. Brittney is an amazingly talented speaker, coach, business partner and good friend who exemplifies the qualities of integrity and leadership necessary for success!
    Carl and Kathy Lamarr- Success and Residual Income Experts
  • Brittney Kara has not only motivated me to take better care of my body, but she has always supported me in my spiritual endeavors and the many journey's and paths I have chosen to take. Brittney is a wonderful woman, teacher, author, wife, mother and friend. She has always gone her own route in life and encourages others blaze their own trails. I have never met a person who is so busy with such a full and beautiful life who still has so much energy. Brittney is not only a creative force in the world, but she wants so badly to help other people to live the best and most joyful lives they can. Brittney is a teacher who is always willing to talk and to listen while she is making dinner and chasing after her two beautiful girls. Thank you Brit for everything you do to help make the world a better place. I am so grateful for knowing you!
    Erin Putnam- Teacher

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