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Dr Marilyn Joyce-The Vitality Doctor™Founder of the Kick Cancer In The Can™
With a solid background in biochemistry, research and human nutrition, I'm not easily impressed with most books out there today! The Silent Scandal is definitely an exception. Apart from Brittney's unstoppable passion for her subject, and deep heartfelt compassion for humanity, she provides a tremendous wealth of supporting, well-documented research to back up every tenet she addresses in this easy to read guide to optimum health. I will definitely recommend this book to all of my patients."
Darbin GodbyReader's Favorites
The Silent Scandal: Stop The Toxic Attack On Our Bodies is one of the best books I've ever had the privilege of reading. When it comes to giving straight forward, hard-hitting advice, author Brittney Kara does a super job. She not only shares her personal views, but she gives factual data that allows the reader to see in print that what they eat is probably killing them. She exposes much of what the food industry, medical industry, and those who are supposed to be keeping us healthy don't want us to know. She discusses the danger of fast food restaurants and the lack of wholesome, quality food that is available when we are eating out. She also talks about the miracle that is found within our bodies and how we were designed to be healthy but we make our bodies toxic and sick with what we put in them. Author Kara deals with how to safely detox one's body and how to eat the proper foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I was on the edge of my seat reading this book, finding this will be a book that I will keep handy and refer to many times over. There are websites, additional resources, and tools to use within the book. She doesn't just present a doom and gloom look at life; rather she offers encouragement and hope if we will just reach out and take it. We need to make changes about what we put in our bodies, both for ourselves as well as our family and others around us. This is without question one of the finest books on the market concerning this subject. I will definitely recommend it to others.
Debbie RudnickMother of Two
Brittney is your secret weapon! A person who truly approaches life and people in an authentic mindset to help, support, educate and yes..even befriend with her positive light. I am a strong believer that to shift your life in a positive way whether health, mindset, and/or lifestyle you must surround yourself with people who can help support that effort.
Joseph DixonActor
Brittney is simply amazing! I have known her for a few years now and she still continues to amaze me with her expansive and well rounded knowledge. Her generosity is unmatched and I've never known anyone who works harder or with more passion. Brittney has a rare gift for helping you find the root cause of your struggles while gently guiding you forward. Her work is simply in a league of it's own when I compare it to my time working with traditional therapists. My progress was instantaneous! Need I say more!!?
Nicholas SteeleAuthor, Motivational Speaker, and Founder of
After only two sessions with Brittney using NLP techniques, I was able to re focus on my goals and objectives after months of struggle. Brittney is highly professional, has a very friendly manner. She is passionate and committed to helping.-
Leslie Maltz- NASM PES, CPT & Sports Nutrition
I met Brittney Kara nearly 2 years ago when I was seeking some assistance with weight loss. As a professional fitness trainer and nutrition expert that may seem odd, but even trainers need coaches. The fact is, that only 8 months earlier, my nutrition mentor for years, Dr. Tony Perrone, had unexpectedly and tragically passed away. I suddenly found myself "unguided" as he was my nutrition guru and advisor for many years. So it was that by August 2012, I had found myself 10 lbs. overweight from two years of emotional eating (like many of my own clients). It was then that I sought out someone I could hold to the same degree of admiration as I did with Dr. Perrone in the area of nutrition. I was seeking someone who's integrity and authenticity was of a level I could respect as well. You see, being in this industry, I have seen and heard just about everything, and to make matters worse, Los Angeles is a melting pot of "know-it-alls" and "phoney-balonies", so finding someone who is actually as knowledgeable as they say isn't always easy. When I found Brittney on Facebook, it was immediately evident that she knew her stuff. Her book, The Silent Scandal, is a true testament to her knowledge of the food industry. Her heartfelt "posts" were a true testament to her authentic self. I felt I had finally found someone I could take real direction from and once again continue my journey for further development and knowledge in areas I was not as versed in. And so I did. Now, two years later, I have not only been coached by Brittney on my own nutritional journey, (and lost those 10 lbs!), but I have been mentored by her, and now I am a business partner along side her, building and growing my business more than ever due to her inspiring insight and support.

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