Quick Tip to Energy Management

We all have stress. We all have negativity. We all have things we need to detox out of our lives. This weeks Truth B Told is all about a quick tip to being in control of your energy management and resetting your meridians. I learned this tip from Tony Robbins recently and it has been

Join me July 1st!

What side of History will you stand on ?   Our rights are being taken away. Our children are being damaged. Join me and thousands of others as we stand for Medical Freedom and Parental Rights on July 1st. SB277 is destroying California, and we must take action now! Hundreds of thousands of children have
FEAR. Everyone has it. Our world is surrounded by it, and our government banks on the fact that they can control us through it. FEAR has become a major part of our current society. But how can we truly live free healthy lives if we are paralyzed by fear? The undeniable truth is, we can’t.

Causing Peace

Life can be crazy and often chaotic. But how do we cultivate more peace of mind and calmness in our everyday lives when we are constantly bombarded by things that stress us out? This simple yet powerful exercise can revolutionize how you run your day and balance your mindset. We know how important proper breathing