Aluminum. It is a pretty common word that most of us have heard throughout our life. But do we really understand the full consequence of how it is affecting our bodies and health? Aluminum is a toxin that I work hard to keep myself and my family from being exposed to. Unfortunately, we are bombarded
For this weeks Truth B Told I had the privilege and honor of interviewing Christy Lynn Day, a brave Momma warrior, who is on a mission to share the heartbreaking story of the death of her son Reid after he received his routine 2 month vaccinations. Christy is determined to have Reid’s story shared across

Releasing a toxic mindset

“Fill your mind with truth, fill your heart with love, fill your life with service” – Thomas S. Monson  It is so easy to get down in todays world. We are constantly bombarded by things that stress us out and effect our brain chemistry. The key to living a healthy, happy, and free life is
  And the truth shall set you FREE…  Wow! It has been a while. I have been so focused on connecting with people on and offline that I have taken some time off writing. Well, I am back with more passion then ever before! There is so much happening right now in regards to our