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B! ing Healthy means to embrace all aspects of what health means to you and to master the art of being healthy in your own body on a daily basis.

Health is multifaceted. There are so many different was we can be healthy in our lives. We can have bodily health, mental health, relational health, spiritual health, and financial health. This section is dedicated to improving the areas of physical health of women, children and families. It is my passion and purpose to assist others to take control of their health and become empowered and educated about their choices to live the healthy life they deserve. In today’s world we are bombarded with so much toxicity, negativity, and things that harm our bodies and health daily. By taking back control of our health we allow ourselves to tune into our own natural healing abilities and the abundant health that exists in nature. The farther we get away from nature the farther we get away from our health.  We must commit to take action each day so that our bodies can function properly. B! Healthy Coaching is all about finding your own path -your personal baseline- to your ideal sense of well being and health.  Since everyone is starting from a different place there is no set standards yet we each must strive for our own level of what healthy means to us. Girlleapbeach2For women and especially Moms it is so easy for us to lose track of our health while we are taking care of our children and families.  My mission with this site and so much of my work is to continue sharing information and techniques that have helped me to over come various health challenges along my journey and to help empower others to lift themselves up to a greater level of health.  Together as a community we can continue to spread true health education and empowerment around the globe. My belief is that when women are healthier our planet and communities are healthier since women contribute so much to the advancement and betterment of society. Not to say that men don’t either, because they do, but specifically when talking about motherhood and raising children, a woman’s health and the examples she teaches her children for life is vital to the survival of our species. Over the years I have mentored and worked with thousands of women and individuals to assist them in maintaining a greater balance of health in their lives. My hope and prayer for you is that through our coaching and services you can tap back into your true power to have amazing health and vitality, no matter where you are starting from. It is never to late to get healthy, and today is the perfect day to get started on a new journey so that you too can B!  Healthy!   mindcalltoactions

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"The first thing is Brittney is kind and genuine. Being a personal trainer, I read up on food quite often, but when it comes to a certain type of food, food additives, or ingredients that I'm not sure about, I trust and rely on Brittney's knowledge more than anyone. " -Anthony Ferkel Certified Personal Trainer

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