As we each begin to start our journey searching for truth in our health, our mindset, and our freedom it is important to have mentors and people to guide us through. Throughout my journey I have always surrounded myself with other health industry experts that knew more then I did so I could increase my knowledge and learn from their expertise. This is something I take very seriously and I am always collaborating and communicating with other experts to make sure my information is valid and presented properly. I truly believe that together as a community we can begin to change the world. I created this amazing panel of Experts to do help do just that. Each of these experts are making a huge difference in their fields regarding our health and freedoms.


I encourage all my readers to follow these amazing humans and get to know their work as it is truly incredible.


Dr Toni Bark MD, MHEM, LEED AP

Dr Toni BarkDr Toni Bark MD, MHEM, LEED AP received her medical doctorate from Rush Medical College and trained in pediatrics and rehab medicine. She was director of the pediatric ER at Michael Reese hospital then studied naturopathic medicine. An intense interest in environmental impacts on health led her to seek LEED accreditation. After working in Haiti post-earthquake, Toni began her studies in health care emergency medicine and disaster planning, including vaccine policy, ethics, safety, and production. She is a contributor author to Vaccine Epidemic  (2nd ed) and co-produced her first documentary, BOUGHT with executive producer, Jeff Hays. BOUGHT is an in-depth documentary that exposes the lies of the pharmaceutical industry in regards to Vaccines, GMO’s, and the profit driven agenda of our health care system.


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Marilyn Joyce, PhD, RD

Dr. MarilynMarilyn Joyce, PhD, RD is a Registered Dietitian, with a doctorate in Psychology and Nutrition. With her beginnings in Biochemistry and Human Nutrition, as well as Yoga and whole person (Mind-Body-Spirit) wellness, Dr Joyce approaches nutrition and lifestyle practices from both, a scientific, and a holistic, perspective. As the Director of Nutrition for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the mid-nineties, she helped cancer patients, from around the world, make major positive shifts in their health through changes in their eating and lifestyle habits.

As a 5 time Cancer Survivor Marilyn is passionate about assisting others through their cancer journey and is the founder of Kick Cancer In The Can, a compassionate Cancer Concierge service.

Dr Marilyn is is an author, educator and internationally renowned speaker with more than thirty years of experience at the forefront of nutrition, health and education. Her thriving private practice spans the globe. Dr Marilyn conducts seminar sand trainings for some of the top organizations including UCLA Medical Center, The American Cancer Society, Boing, Xerox, and others.  She has been featured as a guest speaker on Doctor to Doctor, PBS, Leeza, Montel Williams, NPR, and others.


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Alan Phillips, J.D.

AlanPhillips9Alan Phillips, J.D., is the nation’s only attorney whose practice is focused solely on vaccine exemptions and legislative activism. He advises clients, attorneys, legislators, and legislative activists throughout the U.S. concerning vaccines required at birth; for daycare, school and college enrollment; in the workplace; for military members, families and students in military schools; for immigrants, including foreign-adopted children; for children of parents in child custody disputes; for international travel; and other situations in the U.S. He hosts The Vaccine Agenda Internet Radio Show, is published internationally on vaccine politics and law, is a regularly featured guest on alternative radio shows, and speaks at rallies and conferences throughout the U.S.

Alan is also a featured writer for Natural News,, Liberty Roundtable, and the Pastoral Medical Association. He is also a Board Member of the World Association for Vaccine Education and the Pastoral Medical Association; an Advisory Board Member of the American Chiropractic Autism Board; a co-founder of North Carolina’s Citizens for Healthcare Freedom; an Associate and Legal Advisor to Source Force, Inc. (a caring ministry for poverty AIDS and terminal cancer victims, recently dissolved); and an Advisory Counsel Member of Thai Healing Alliance International. Alan authored The Authoritative Guide to Vaccine Legal Exemptions, the only publication anywhere that explains in layman’s termrs both the legal system generally and your right to refuse vaccines in over a dozen different contexts and sub-contexts within the U.S.

Alan is also an accomplished professional singer-songwriter, composer, and producer. His first music video production, Destiny Freedom! (“For we must be the masters of our destinies!”), has received a strong, positive response from freedom advocates, while a prior music production, Share Your Light, stands as a possible theme song for the vaccine rights movement, ending with the prophetic words, “Share Your Light, let your truth be unfurled; One by one, we are freeing the world…”


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Larry Cook

StopMandatory Vaccination – Founder, Director

Larry-Headshot-primary-300pixelsLarry Cook  is the founder and director of, part of a larger public awareness campaign that he launched in response to CA SB277, a bill turned law that mandates vaccination for children who attend public and private school in California. Over six years ago Larry became aware of the vaccine/Autism connection while doing research for a book he co-authored, Victory Over ADHD, and used his knowledge and understanding to create multiple YouTube videos about the topic. Those videos have since been seen by hundreds of thousands of people and he used that momentum to create a new public awareness campaign based on parents talking about their vaccine-injured and vaccine-free children in response to proposed vaccine mandates. He created three TV commercials about vaccine-injured and vaccine-free children and he was able to raise the funds to place the commercials in the Los Angeles and San Francisco markets, which have now been seen by millions of people. He continues to raise awareness about the dangers of vaccination and why natural immunity is superior to vaccination through his TV commercials, parent interviews, photographic memes, website and Facebook posts.


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