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The matrix mothers philosophy is that we are all divinely created as women and mothers. Our gut instincts, our bodies natural ability to heal and thrive, and our unlimited human potential are our birth rights. Unfortunately we live in a society and world that does not often honor these truths and today’s mothers are seduced and exploited to believe in toxic products, procedures, mindsets, and lifestyles that are making our bodies and children sick and unhappy. Matrix mother’s is a calling on all women to rise up to the believe in their own power, intuition, creativity, and mothering skills to build a healthy, happy, and abundant filled lives for themselves and their family.

Matrix mothers is a community of like minded women coming together to change the world through health, personal growth, business development and understanding the political structure that we live in that effects our daily lives and liberties.
This community is founded on love + respect and we understand that everyone has different values and belief systems. With that being said this community will talk about god { all faiths are welcome but there may be times I mention my personal faith which is jesus christ}, spirituality, global agendas, vaccines, rising up to the medical community, and many other topics that may be considered taboo by the general population. If you feel that any of that would be offensive to you in any manner than this community is probably not for you.

Community Standards:

The Matrix Mothers community will not tolerate trolling of any sort, hate speech, bullying, name calling, soliciting, screen shotting content or people,  and or marketing to members in the group { if you meet other amazing women in the group and want to do biz with them go for it! But you may not post your products or services in the community page unless Brittney or the MM team has approved it for some reason}. By joining this community you understand that the products, services, and content in the community is the intellectual property of Brittney Kara & B Mentored LLC, and various affiliates, and any reposting, reusing, reselling, or copying content is stealing and will be dealt with accordingly. A member that is caught participating in any of the behavior above will be at grounds for expulsion from the group and community pages. This member may or may not receive a warning before be released from the community.  (Please read our refund policy below as that would apply in this cases as well)

We understand that people make mistakes so we will take each issue with thoughtful care but we will also not tolerate malicious or disruptive behavior. Basically don’t be a jerk and you will never be kicked out. 🙂

Nope! Matirx mothers is a global community comitted to empowering women all over the world to opt out of the toxic agenda. Although some content might be more specific to the us there will be tons of value that you can utilize no matter what country you reside in!

All of my content is digital and you will have access to a private members area with your own log in portal depending on what level you choose. The other content will be made available for download in the mm fb community

Your membership can be cancelled at any time, however because the content is digital and you will have access to it right away we do not offer other refunds

While I encourage you to invite your friends to join you on this journey you can not share a membership. We provide a tremendous amount of value and service in our community and taking that content out of the community would be stealing our intellectual property. If a member is caught doing this they will have their membership revoked and they will be removed from the community.

Since there are a variety of pricing tiers if you are unsure if the matrix mothers community is for you. I recommend starting with our basic package as that is only $9.99 per month and you can get a feel for what to expect. If you follow me and social media and enjoy my content the community is that but supercharged! So if my message is in alignment with you already then you will love this community. If you are not sure. Follow me for a while here & here so you can see if we resonate with each other.


Kind Words

She backs her constant research with reliable resources that reassure parents in making educated decisions about their children’s health. Brittney’s books, courses and platforms will provide you with the resources and empowerment you need to stay healthy in today’s toxic world… highly recommend that parents listen when Brittney Kara speaks!

Andrea Henkart
Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker

Top 10 Vaccine Questions Answered


Are you sick of getting the run around when you ask questions about vaccines?

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