Stop Living In Fear & Reclaim Your Life!

Matrix Mother’s E-course is a 6 week online self study course dedicated to helping women unlock their true potential, release the blocks holding them back, and truly understand the model we have been programed and brainwashed to believe in that is not serving us. You see, I believe women are powerful, and I believe YOU are powerful and you were DIVINELY created for something magnificent. But things have been holding you back from your greatness. Trust me I get it!! Been there done that..girl. But I am here to tell you that you can RISE out of the ashes of life and create something magnificent.

We all have a new choice every day—to reset and restructure our lives, and this course will be your guidebook for that. The toxic matrix teaches us that we must depend on our government, men, society, doctors, the media, and celebrities to tell us how to live or what we are capable of. I believe this is absolutely BS!

You are amazing and you don’t require anyone’s permission to start living the life you want! All we have to do is tune into our souls and step into our God-Given Power.

Big Pharma does not control your body… you do!

The Government doesn’t know how to raise your kids… you do!

The Banks don’t decide how much you are worth…You Do!


You have an unlimited ability to create, design, and sustain a healthy, happy and free life and this course will guide you in doing so!

In this course I will teach you the principles, techniques, and strategies that I have used to revolutionize my own life and health over the last 15 years, and what has cost me 10’s of thousands of dollars in coaching, education, seminars, books, mentors, and more! I want you to achieve your goals and dreams much faster than I did and that’s why I have created this course. To help women just like YOU break through the toxic cycle, and start to live the life of their dreams.

So get ready, let’s put on our big girl pants and change the world together.

What to expect:

+ Lesson 1: Breaking the Matrix Model of Motherhood : Learn the history of the Toxic Agenda and how it has been holding you back

+ Lesson 2: Clearing A Space : Uncover what needs to be released in your life and create new lasting habits 

+ Lesson 3: Cleanse and Replenish: Release, forgive, heal, and transform your body, mind, + soul

+ Lesson 4: Nourish & Rebuild : Honor your time, space, and energy by learning to rebuild a strong foundation

+ Lesson 5: The Power of Reinvention: Give yourself permission to change and transform in a sacred space

+ Lesson 6: Creating Sustainability: You will learn the action steps to create and maintain a sustainable, organic, healthy, abundant and freedom filled life! 

What you will receive:

+ Weekly Lesson videos in your private members area

+ Downloadable worksheets to guide you through each lesson

+ Work at your own pace, each lesson will be opened after you complete the previous lesson

+ Access to a private FB page just for Matrix Mother’s attendees and graduates

+ Group discussions, accountability partners, and special guest speakers in the Matrix Mothers Course Community

+ Access to Brittney’s private Office Hour where you can get personalized coaching and your questions answered LIVE ( Times To Be Announced In Members Area)

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Top 10 Vaccine Questions Answered


Are you sick of getting the run around when you ask questions about vaccines?

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