Nutritional Cleansing with Isagenix

I have one question for you… Do you feel toxic? In this modern day world it would be impossible not to. We are bombarded by toxins everyday in our food, water, air and personal care products. These toxins are so deadly to our health and well-being, yet most people don’t know how to get rid of this build up in their bodies. After many years of cleansing my system through various programs and products I finally found the missing link I was looking for.

Most cleanses are harsh on the system and also deplete the body of vital nutrients. I spent years searching  the entire wellness industry and had never found a product or system that worked for me consistently,  until I found Isagenix. No other cleansing program in the world works the way Isagenix does.

The power of Nutritional Cleansing and Super foods is easy and life transforming with Isagenix. I have been personally using these products everyday for the last 9 years! I have eaten this amazing nutrition through all 3 of my pregnancies, and my children are getting to grow up with the best source of organic nutrients available in their bodies. It is cellular nutrition that we swear by. I am so thankful for what Isagenix has done for me and my family, and that is why I want to share it with you today. We are healthier, stronger, and better people because of it.

I have been able to assist thousands of people through this nutrition system who have also had amazing results. Because of our love of the product this opportunity has allowed me to stay home with my kids while making a full time residual income.

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My goal is always to empower others to take control of their health and lives, and I believe Isagenix is the best and easiest tool to do that. Below are some amazing transformations from our team and people who have transformed their lives with this program.


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Are you Toxic?

The more yes's you have on this list the more toxic you are. If you are ready to release these toxins in your body and reclaim your health fill out your contact info below and one of our health coaches will contact you in 24-48 hours.

1. How would I rate my current health?
 Excellent Good Fair Poor

2. I am currently on prescription medications or under medical supervision
 Yes No

3. I am currently experiencing the following symptoms- Check all that apply
 Constipation Mood swings Fatigue Headaches High cholesterol Low blood sugar High or low blood sugar

4. Do you have excess weight to release?
 0-5 lbs 5-10lbs 10-20lbs 20-40bs 40 or more lbs

5. Do you eat non organic food?
 Yes No

If yes how many times a week?
 0 (N/A) 1-3 4-8 9-12 13+

6. I have taken antibiotics in my life.
 Yes No

7. I have gotten vaccines.
 Yes No

8. I shower and/or bathe in regular tap water.
 Yes No

9. Do you drink 8-10 glasses of water each day
 Yes No

10. Do you use toothpaste with fluoride?
 Yes No

11. Do you use the microwave to cook your foods?
 Yes No

12. Do you consume diet sodas or regular sodas?
 Yes No

If yes how many per week ?
 0 (N/A) 1-3 4-8 9-12 13+

13. Do you eat out more than once a month?
 Yes No

14. Do you eat non organic meat and dairy products?
 Yes No


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