FACTS About Network Marketing


  • More than $28.56 billion was made in direct sales (network marketing) in 2010.
  • 80% of all women who make over 100K a year do it through Network Marketing and Direct Sales
  • By 2015, an estimated 50% of households will be involved in some sort of network marketing business.
  • The average work-from-home income is currently around $59,250 per year.
  • Someone starts a home-based business every 10 seconds.
  • Approximately 20% of home-based entrepreneurs say that their businesses gross between $100,000 and $500,000 per year.
  • The network marketing industry increases by more than 600,000 people each year.
  • Home-based businesses report an 85% success rate, compared to a 5% success rate for traditional small businesses like retail stores and restaurants.
  • About 15.8 million people work from home full-time.
  • Another 38 million (12% of the population) work from home part-time.
  • Network Marketing is one of the fastest segments in the Global Economy 


**Facts and figures the Direct Selling Association and U.S. Census statistics


Myths Vs. Truth About Network Marketing

 Myth #1: Network Marketing is not a credible business model 

 Truth:   It is one of the most credible business models. Some of the top financial advisors, economists, authors, and business people in the world endorse Network Marketing as not only a legitimate business but the growing business model of the 21st Century. Brilliant minds such as Warren Bufffet,  Paul Zane Pilzer, Donald Trump , Robert Kyiosaki, and even Bill Clinton all endorse network marketing as a viable profession.

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Myth #2: Network Marketing is a Pyramid Scheme

Truth-  If you work a regular job you are in a ‘traditional pyramid’ because there is a cap on your income.  The argument of ‘only the person who got in first makes all the money’ is more accurately describing a J.O.B (Just Off Broke ). If you have a job right now are you allowed to make as much or more than your Boss or CEO? I am sure the answer is no. In a well run network marketing company, each member has the opportunity to make any amount  of income regardless of where they are in the organization. Your income is directly related to your effort not position.


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Myth 3: Network marketing dosen’t work 

Truth- In 2013 alone the direct selling industry grossed $31.63 Billion in the US. It is one of the fastest growing segments in the Global Economy and ranks higher in global sales then the music industry, organic produce, the NFL, and the movie industry. 





Myth 4: No one can really get rich in Network Marketing
Truth- The network Marketing Industry produces more multiple 6 and 7 figure income earners then any other profession on the planet. Sales is the highest paid profession in the world. If you want to build true wealth than you need to seriously look at network marketing


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Myth 5: All Network Marketing Companies Are the Same

Truth-Just like anything else in business there are amazing companies, mediocre ones and bad ones. Not all companies are created equal and so you must find the right company that fits what your looking for.

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